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5th Africa Economic Forum 2011, 7-9th March, Cape Town, South Africa


Global Pacific & Partners’ 5th Africa Economic Forum 2011 taking place on 8-9th March, Cape Town, follows our in-depth 2nd Sub-Saharan Africa: Business Briefing (by Dr Duncan Clarke, a leading strategist on Africa) held on Monday 7th March 2011.
Over 50 leading Speakers (with Exhibition) are confirmed to make Presentations to in this intensive, content-rich gathering, to showcase business strategies, Governments, investment agencies, leading Africa experts, economists, thinkers on Africa’s future, and top-level companies from Africa and the world, to provide unrivalled insights on the fast-emerging corporate and business trends across this rapidly changing Continent.

The Forum examines Africa’s natural resources directions in manufacturing and leading industries with insights on corporate Africa’s portfolio and investment strategies, and the economic state of play in Western, Eastern, Maghreb-North Africa, Southern Africa, and South Africa. In addition, Speakers focus on the performance and policies of African Governments, State-Owned Firms, Great Powers in Africa, and the newly-emerging foreign State players (China, India, Russia, Brasil and the Middle East) shaping the commercial geopolitics, geographies and changing state relationships reshaping Africa in the 21st century.

Hosted By: Global Pacific & Partners

Register On-line:
Contact Johannesburg: Tel: + 27 11 880 7052

AFRICA ECONOMIC FORUM: Plenaries: Agenda – In-Depth, Insight, Insider Rich-Content: on Africa’s Future

  • Africa’s Changing Economic World To 2050 : Global Status, Continental Shifts, Drivers, Growth Paths
  • Africa’s Giant Economies & “Next Five” : South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Angola, Algeria, Morocco ++
  • Modernising & Financing African Industries: Infrastructure, Services, Mining, Manufacturing, Transportation, Telecommunication, Mega Projects
  • Natural Resources, Trade & Projects Future : Potential, Assets, Trading, Ventures: Building Investments
  • Africa’s Economic Drivers & Locomotives: Investments, Growth Markets & Fast Track Developments
  • Africa’s Development Challenges & Future: Constraints, Building bridges, New Opportunities
  • Africa’s Companies, Markets & Economies: North-To-South, Cape-To-Cairo, Investments: Financing, Industries, Minerals, Energy, Diversification
  • Shaping Africa’s Economic Future: Geopolitics, Investment, Governments, State Firms, Emerging Power

* Breakaway Session: 12th Africa Oil & Gas Forum 2011: Corporates, African States, Investors
* Breakaway Session: 12th Africa Energy Forum 2011: Corporates, African States, Investors
* Breakaway Session “Africa Hardball”: Join Leading Africanists, Economists, Thinkers, Authors, Analysts, Experts “To Debate Africa’s Political Economy”

Plus With: 2nd Sub-Saharan Africa: Business Briefing: 7th March 2011

“Africa as Never Seen Before Strategies for business and investment across the Continent, with unique insights in 750-plus images, on the prospects, potential, future and economic outlook for Africa, presented by Dr Duncan Clarke, Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners, a leading authority on the Continent, with 40 years’ experience in economics and African advisory practice, including visits to 45 African countries (and 120 worldwide). He is the leading strategist on Africa’s oil, gas and energy industries, plus geopolitics and commercial issues, and author of Africa: Crude Continent (the TV/Film Documentary made in 2010 by CNBC-Africa based on this book). Dr Clarke is current President of the African Institute of Petroleum, and been Advisor to corporates, Governments and National Oil Companies in Africa, Asia, Russia, China, Europe, United States, and Latin America.


Dr Duncan Clarke, Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners
London, The Hague, Johannesburg, Nicosia, Rio de Janeiro
1st Floor, Regent Place, 22 Cradock Avenue, Rosebank 2196
Mail: Suite 125, Private Bag X31, Saxonwold, 2132
Johannesburg, South Africa Office Tel + 27-11.880.7052
SA Cell + 27-82.520.1934 London Mobile + 44-

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    What would be the best 5 year investment plan in transport for southern africa assuming things move as expected?economy wise

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