Deployment Services

Military & Humanitarian Deployment Services

Logistics Africa’s Deployment & Mission-Critical Logistics services are focused on providing proactive services which will reduce, and in some cases prevent, issues that affect service in the most challenging deployment applications.

Military Air Transport

Conair have a lot of experience in military air transport and we provide our air transport services to a number of military organisations. The aircrafts we use in military air transport are able to take any type of military cargo: whether it is APCs, trucks, pallets or accompanying soldiers. The IL-76TD should be your first choice. Should your cargo be larger than we are able to offer you an AN-124. The smaller aircrafts we have are also perfect for military operations such as the AN-12, AN-74 and AN-32. Due to our experience in this field we have streamlined the process of acquiring the permits and providing required documentation to the various organisations and government bodies involved in such operations.