Payment Terms

Non Account Holders/International Orders

  • Bank Guarantee’s & Sureties Required on all International Transactions.
  • 25% is due on acceptance of the proposal plus contract.
  • 25% is due 30 days prior to mobilisation/start date.
  • 25% is due the day before site establishment/start date.
  • Progress invoices are issued weekly and are due immediately on presentation of invoice / statement & POD.
  • Once completed, the quoted balance is due immediately on presentation of invoice / statement & PODs.
  • The final invoice is issued, taking into account additional expenses incurred such as special attendances, variable costs, standing time, route surveys, route clearance, route changes due to construction, crane hire, rigging crews, permit amendments (due to stowplan errors, etc), staging, accommodation, overtime and inclement weather etcetera, and is due immediately on presentation of invoice / statement.
  • Logistics Africa International Ltd “Worldwide Standard Terms & Conditions of Carriage” available on request or downloaded from our website

Site/Location Pre-inspection Charges

Please note that in the event we would be required to travel to a particular off-line location in South Africa (excluding Cape Town; Johannesburg; Pretoria and Durban) or to any frontier state or country in Southern Africa, we would need to be compensated for the following in advance:

  • Airfares
  • Car Hire
  • Accommodations
  • Daily subsistence allowance

Equipment Availability Forecast

Greatest Challenge

Please note that the equipment your company requires and which is being quoted on, will conditionally be available (forecast).

Route and engineering surveys will be quoted separately.

We reserve the right to withdraw our equipment and apply offset of demurrage and disbursements without prejudice should all of our terms and conditions of carriage and engagement not be complied with according to the agreed timescales and benchmarking.

Rate of Exchange

All duties, surcharges and quoted rates and charges are based on the prevailing Rand to Dollar or Sterling or Euro (which ever may be applicable) rate of exchange (“ROE”) on the day quoted. Consequently all our charges may be subject to change without prior warning or notice in the event of any extreme fluctuations in applicable foreign exchange rates. In the event of such change, we reserve the right to issue a further invoice claiming any increases that may be due to us by reason thereof which will also take into account any variations in final shipped volume, mass and quantity of the cargo applicable. For the avoidance of doubt, the ROE for Airfreight is determined by the monthly IATA US dollar exchange rate.