Road Freight Africa

Conventional Cargo

Logistics Africa’s Southern African partnership provides a daily expedited trucking Over/Cross Border (Cross Border Road Transport Agency) Door to Door Road Transport Service into all frontier countries and throughout Southern/Sub-Saharan and Equatorial Africa into all SADC (Southern African Development Community) and COMESA (Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa) countries, hauling general cargo such as palletised goods, machinery, drums and industrial equipment etc, to and from numerous towns including on and offline routes.

Cargo freight consignments FTL (Full Truck Loads) are conveyed using tri-axle and superlink articulated trailers and truck-tractor vehicle combinations, which are dispatched daily from all main towns either via Johannesburg, South Africa or delivered directly to the consignee without multiple handling or transshipment.

FTL loads from the coastal cities in South Africa are generally transshipped in Johannesburg onto North bound and offshore registered trucks for all cargoes under strict supervision in secure and guarded premises.

LTL (Less than Truck Loads), break-bulk part load consolidation is collected by a fleet of open and closed vehicle types from one up to fifteen ton load capacity, and dispatches vary country by country, but is generally kept to a regular daily, thrice or twice weekly scheduled trip dispatch.

Associate & Syndicate Offices

Countries in Africa Serviced by Logistics Africa International by Road & Via Air & Sea Freight

Via South Africa Direct by Logistics Africa Associate Offices Syndicated Agencies Syndicated Agencies
Angola Benin Afghanistan Mali
Botswana Burkina Faso Bahrain Mauritius
DRC Chad Cameroon Morocco
Kenya Cote dlvoire (Ivory Coast) Central African Republic Nigeria
Lesotho Guinea Conakry Chad Oman
Malawi Guinea Equatorial Ethiopia Qatar
Mozambique Liberia Gabon Saudi Arabia
Namibia Madagascar Gambia Sudan
Swaziland Mali Ghana Syria
Tanzania Mauritania Iran Togo
Uganda Niger Iraq Tunisia
Zambia Sierra Leone Jordan United Arab Emirates
Zimbabwe Senegal Kuwait Yemen

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